Hakogaku Alignment



New sketchbook new pedal

space-pajamas said: Hello, I am head over heels for your art and I was wondering if there are any artist in particular that influence or inspire you?

I’ll compile a longer, more organized list for another day but so far omocat, meexart, meltow, sachinteng, choodraws, jingae, bossies, seventypercentethanol, lalage, milkmanner, jessiewongg, yusuke murata, and yamakawa aiji immediately come to mind

Draw draw

niffing said: aaahhhh i really love your art! There's something about it that makes me tingle when I look through it ;;; your lines/lineart are so smooth and hhhh i rly love it!!


Bought a ton of brush pens @@

I love yowapeda u///u

bunny-boy-shinkai said: is it okay if I use your art for a cover for a track ?with credit of course!

Go for it!

Kyofushi sketch

Anonymous said: Your art is amazing and it inspires me VuV.