Hakogaku Alignment


bunny-boy-shinkai said: is it okay if I use your art for a cover for a track ?with credit of course!

Go for it!

Kyofushi sketch

Anonymous said: Your art is amazing and it inspires me VuV.




Anonymous said: could you possibly share said shinara fanmix please? >_< if not it's alright!

i saw the link to it on tumblr but i lost the creator’s url ;;

if you’re going to request ships or even characters, you have to send me your playlist of them if you have any!

Anonymous said: YOU'RE ART IS SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD! can you draw some shinara/ vmv if thats okay!


choice ship

Anonymous said: what type of ink and watercolors do you use ?

For inks I use sakura microns, zebra and fudegokochi brush pens, copic markers, and sometimes daiso-bought sumi ink just to play around with!
As for watercolors I’m currently using a cotman field box.

Broke into watercolors againn